Maternity must haves: 5 top clothing essentials every expecting mother needs

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When to start buying maternity clothes?

If you ask around you will realize that expecting mothers start wearing maternity clothes at different stages during their pregnancies. 

So It depends on your body and here are some clues that it might be the time to buy maternity clothes:

  • You find yourself unbottoning the top button of your pants more often.
  • You feel bloated all day, every day.
  • Your bump starts to grow and show. 

So where to start? 

When it comes to pregnancy every woman deserves to look and feel good. Even after birth you will probably still need to wear maternity clothes.

With all that being said It is worth to invest in a few simple items.

I have made a list of five must haves: 

1- underwear and bras 

When purchasing underwear you will probably have to go for a bigger size some moms to be prefer the panties that come up higher on the tummy. 

It’s up to you. But we definitely recommend cotton which keep you cool, dry and less prone to infections. 

 When it comes to bras, always ask for a fitting session. Look for a bra that is most importantly comfortable.

You may want to buy something lacy and pretty, why not? 

One of our favorite maternity lingerie brands is TKD lingerie. They offer both comfortable and sexy lingerie and underwear. 

2- maternity T-shirts

Buy a few basic stretchy T shirts in colors white, black and grey that goes perfectly well with a pair of jeans. 

For T-shirts, we recommend seraphine’s cotton shirts. They are very comfortable and breezy for everyday use. 

3- maternity pants

Look for maternity jeans with a full belly panel these are not just comfortable the stretchy denim will expand to fit your growing belly. 

If you are not a big fan of jeans maternity leggings are a crucial part of your wardrobe. 

No matter at what stage of pregnancy you are at these will not let you down.  

We cannot stress how comfortable seraphine’s leggings are. Perfect for daily errands and swollen legs. 

As for jeans, we understand the struggle behind wearing jeans while pregnant. Destination maternity offers jeans at affordable prices.  

Can be found in Dubai mall. 

4- Maternity dresses

When it comes to maternity dresses, you can opt out for any maxi dresses in the market. Summer time calls for colorful and light dresses that are easy and convenient to find.    

5-  stockings and shoes 

When shoe shopping, size up and look for comfortable styles that accommodate swollen feet. Go for comfy sneakers or cool sandals.   

We love a cute Birkenstock sandal that matches with casual outfits including jeans and maxi dresses. 

Another recommendation is the “go walk” style of Skechers which are very comfortable for long walks. 

Maternity stockings reduce your risk of varicose veins and excess swelling. If stockings become uncomfortable, consult your doctor. 

You can find maternity stocking in any pharmacy. 

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